My first Raiders photo

raiderswebThis was the first published photo from my first Raiders game. It’s Los Angeles Raiders safety Mike Davis breaking up a pass to Houston Oilers receiver Chris Dressel on September 11, 1983. We would go on to photograph the Raiders and the Rams as a regular beat until both teams left Southern California. It was a blast and a real treat for us. We had two field passes to both teams, and there was never a shortage of volunteers to use that second pass. I would make them work, however. They got to carry the Nikon with our massive 600mm lens, and I would direct them where I wanted them to go to hold a spot for me when the action moved to that part of the field. My best assistant ever was then sports staffer Dennis Tolliver, who knew the game and would seamlessly move toward the point on the field he knew I would be heading to. We didn’t have any transmitting equipment back then, so we would shoot the first half, jump in the car and head back to Bakersfield and deliver to the sports desk enough photos for a full page, sometimes a double truck, by 7 pm.

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