“You Can’t Have My Job, But I’ll Tell You a Story”: The slide show


I have created a music slide show of the images from this blog for a lecture I will be presenting in two weeks at the California Journalism Association of Community Colleges annual convention in Sacramento, California. It contains most of the stories I have already told on this blog, plus the pictures for about 18 stories I have not written yet, like this poor soul who decided to fight the cops after a car chase. You know, that never works out. Click here to see the show on You Tube. (I’m sending you to YouTube because I’m not too crazy about the WordPress video player.) Enjoy, and keep on visiting this site. You honor me and I appreciate it very much!

5 thoughts on ““You Can’t Have My Job, But I’ll Tell You a Story”: The slide show

  1. Whoever said “a picture is worth a thousand words” never saw one of your photos….they would’ve said “a billion, trillion, quadrillion…….” Wow is all I can say. Tears on my face and a hiccup in my heart- your photos touch me!

  2. Love your work. I use the a Romero photos in my mass communication classes. Would love to have you as a guest speaker if you make your way to Florida. If not, Zoom or Skype presentation would be an honor.
    Rick Gaspar, Ph.D.
    Professor of Mass Communication
    Hillsborough Community College

  3. You have my respect, Mr. John H.! Such vivid narration and graphics of the poignant, changing times. Love that music “Go From Here”; I had to search the artist Hiram Ring.

    In the end, you made me cry~

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