“McFarland USA” coach Jim White recovering from heart attack

Jim White at the Bakersfield premiere of “McFarland USA” earlier this year.

Jim White, the legendary cross country coach who was the inspiration for this year’s Disney film “McFarland USA,” sustained a minor heart attack and is recovering, according to several posts on the Facebook account of his wife, Cheryl. Here is one of the posts from today.Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.29.29 PM

White was portrayed by Kevin Costner in the film, a fact-based account of how he brought a string of cross country state high school championships to the small California farming community of McFarland. There are several other posts by Cheryl White confirming White’s medical status, thanking supporters for prayers and encouraging others to please be aware of their own family medical histories.

3 thoughts on ““McFarland USA” coach Jim White recovering from heart attack

  1. How dare you to invade the privacy of Cheryl White ‘s FB posting for your own personal gain. Cheryl’s thoughts are for friends and family and not for you to share without her consent. You owe Jim and Cheryl an apology for your lack of professionalism

  2. I caught McFarland USA on TV here by pure luck, I had no idea what it was about. Wonderful, inspiring motivation there, so sending heartfelt prayers to the Coach ….

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