Thank you, WordPress editors!


Just a little note to thank the editors of WordPress for choosing this blog as an “Editors’ Choice” in both the “media” and “photography” categories. That’s quite a nice honor!

Here’s a picture that really doesn’t have much of a story behind it but I thought would be nice to share. It has never been published before. It’s the trail from a missile launch of some kind from Vandenburg Air Force Base on California’s central coast that I saw while driving to the coast along Highway 166 in 1999. Up until that time, we had a pretty nice agreement with the newspaper regarding use of photos that we took on our own time and with our own equipment. They would either pay us or give us some time off in exchange for the photos, and it worked out great for many years. But just a few months before this picture was taken, a new photo editor objected to that agreement, and a rather nasty atmosphere developed, really for the first time, between the photo staff and their photo editor, who demanded that all “own time” photos be given to the newspaper for free. So I decided not to offer the photo to the newspaper, and you are seeing it for the first time. I always thought it was a cool shot. The photographers would eventually prevail, after five long months the editor was fired, but victory was not without cost: we lost a remarkably talented young photographer – who had been harassed mercilessly by the editor – to a Los Angeles newspaper.

8 thoughts on “Thank you, WordPress editors!

  1. Whether by intent or freaky desire to go digital, you’ve created the most interesting blog I read…sorry to the others…but you combined history and particularly the history of my birth-city with the photos that recorded my city’s history…and then told the untold stories behind the photos and a photographer’s secrets in order to get the story…in other words, your blog does what blogs should do…teach, entertain…and record our social history. The honor is well deserved. Thanks for posting. Judy Salamacha, Author, Colonel Baker’s Field: An American Pioneer Story.

  2. Congratulations on your double honor — it’s very well-deserved! As for this current post: Good on you for sticking to your guns and for not giving in to that awful editor. I’m glad you kept this image for yourself, and honored that i get to see it here.

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